Social Selling SympoXpo – Showup, Shoutout, Showoff

Showup, Shoutout, Showoff – call for presentations, award submissions and exhibitors for the Social Selling SympoXpo Symposium and Exposition to be held in Boulder, Colorado scheduled for early November at the Hilton.
Social selling is not selling via social media.
As we have integrated CRM and other custom/public tools into our selling processes, social media selling is expanding the use of all technologies to enhance the communications process, reduce sales cycle, reduce order confusion,
accelerate customer acceptance throughout the lifecycle, enhance long-term “gain-retain” ratio thereby reduce customer churn, enhance customer experience, increasing product/solution margin, integration of selling technology into products and services and other factors.
Seeking presentations on but not limited to:
  • Social media selling – adding social media to the selling mix
  • Social selling business strategies – changing the sales force
  • Social selling services – professional, MSP, in/outbound
  • Social selling technologies – CRM, contact centers, wearables, devices, presentation systems
  • Social selling applications – apps
  • Social selling applications – cloud, hybrid
  • Social selling vertical market selling – retail, banking, global, online
  • Social selling methodologies, direct channel, VAR/partner
  • Social selling methodologies
  • Social selling training – gamification, simulations
  • Rising trends in selling technologies – e.g. chatbots, kiosks
  • Social selling startups and new business models
  • Social selling using AI and emerging technologies
  • Social selling view from venture capital and investors
  • Other special topics
If you have any questions, please email or call 303-594-1694


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